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VB 6.0
Tutorial: Check free disc size/ available space

This tutorial shows you how to use a windows API in order to get the free disc size.


You type in the drive you want to know the free space of and get a message box for that:

VB6.0, Visual Basic 6
check free target space, Drive's physical free Space, free Disc Space, Total Disc Space
Win32 API

Download VB6.0 Project with solution

The source code for this project:

Option Explicit

'Dieser Source stammt von http://www.soft-hummingbird.com
'und kann frei verwendet werden. Für eventuelle Schäden
'wird nicht gehaftet.

'This source code originates from http://www.soft-hummingbird.com
'it is as-is without any warranty and can be used freely
'In no event shall the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this code

Private Declare Function SHGetDiskFreeSpace Lib "shell32" Alias "SHGetDiskFreeSpaceA" (ByVal pszVolume As String, pqwFreeCaller As Currency, pqwTot As Currency, pqwFree As Currency) As Long

Private Sub Command1_Click()
MsgBox "Free space on " & Text1 & vbCrLf & Format(CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc(Text1), "###,###,###,##0") & " Byte"
End Sub

'gibt die Anzahl der bytes zurück oder bei auftreten von fehler -1
'Benutzung: text1 = FileSizeH(CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc("c"))
Function CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc(ByVal Drive As String) As Currency
Dim FreeForCaller As Currency, Tot As Currency, Free As Currency

  On Error GoTo fehler
  If Drive = "" Then CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc = -1: Exit Function
  If Len(Drive) = 1 Then Drive = Drive & ":\"
  If Len(Drive) = 2 And Right$(Drive, 1) = ":" Then Drive = Drive & "\"
  SHGetDiskFreeSpace Drive, FreeForCaller, Tot, Free
  FreeForCaller = FreeForCaller * 10000
  Tot = Tot * 10000
  Free = Free * 10000
  'Format$(FreeForCaller, "###,###,###,##0") & " Byte"
CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc = FreeForCaller

Exit Function
fehler: CheckFreeSpaceOnDisc = -1
End Function


Download this source code embedded in an easy to use Visual Basic 6.0 project:
    (3 kB)

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