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File Backupper
The File Backupper is a super flexible and fast file synchronization software with complete operational freedom.

Digitize Plot to Data
With this program it is easy to gather (digitize) data points and coordinates of a plot or graph out of a JPG, GIF, BMP, Clipboard picture or photo (e.g. from a presentation, a publication or a journal). You get the data in text form which you can use in any program such as Excel, Origin, ... You just need a scalebar in the image.

Ready Replace
Batch rename multiple files or folders with ease or batch replace in file contents according to freely definable rules. Preview of changes, Unicode files, Wildcards, Counter with variable start, stop and increment, EXIF information of JPG images, File dates, System variables, definition of any ASCII characters, clipboard text and clipboard files are only some of many cool features Ready Replace has to offer. A rich functionality is accessible in the slim and clearly arranged graphical user interface. Ready Replace offers two possibilities renaming lists of files or replacing contents in lists of files with a few clicks.

Scrabbler, der Scrabble Cheater
This program can find all possible words that you could use for playing Scrabble. From now on, with this tool, you will win all Scrabble games! You will be surprised what nice words you can build with your letters!

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