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Ready Replace

 Ready Replace - batch search and replace any text in files or in file names.

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Click icon to show video below:
  • Ready Replace: Basics
  • This is an example of how to batch rename file names:
  • Here is an example of how to use Ready Replace to batch replace in file contents:
  • Use Ready Replace for COMSOL exported files:
  • ^chr(x) Function: Find and replace any ASCII character in file contents or file names
  • ^chr(x) and ^chrHex(x) Functions: Replace Unix (Mac, Linux, ...) Linebreaks with Windows Linebreaks:


Ready Replace is an easy to use, flexible and fast batch search and replace tool. You can search for a string and replace it with another string in file contents of any file or in file names. Simply drag and drop the files you want the replacements to be done from windows explorer or copy and paste the files with Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v. Select whether you want to replace in file contents or in the filenames. Search for and replace with any string you like: any text, special characters, tabs, linebreaks or any ASCII characters. Before performing the replacement, Ready Replace tells you how many replacements are pending for which file. You can save replacement tasks for future use and undo replacements.

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  • Drag and drop files from windows explorer
  • Add files by Ctrl + c and Ctrl + v
  • Supports ANSI and UNICODE file encoding
  • Comfortably define search and replace items
  • Use special features such as wildcards, file information, counter, ... (see below)
  • Special features menu for fast and simple access
  • Preview new file name before renaming
  • See number of pending replacements for each file
  • Cancel replacement operation if necessary
  • Open (execute) files directly from program
  • Reveal files with windows explorer
  • Copy file path to clipboard
  • See and sort for file name
  • See and sort for file type
  • See and sort for file size
  • Save replacement tasks
  • Languages: English and German

  • Define any possible string to search for and replace with
  • Add, remove, replace any text in filenames
  • Add, remove, replace any text in file contents
  • Possibility to undo replacements

Special Features rename file names:
  • Use wildcards in combination with file names
  • Prepend strings before file name (e.g. NewTextfile.txt -> Pretext NewTextfile.txt)
  • Append strings after file name (e.g. NewTextfile.txt -> NewTextfile Apptext.txt)
  • Change extension (e.g. HomepageFile01.htm -> HomepageFile01.php)

Special Features file contents:
  • Use wildcards in combination with file contents
  • Prepend and append to file contents

Special Features: General
  • Search for and replace with any character with code number 0 to 255
  • Counter with variable start, stop and step (even negative increment possible)
  • Counter with variable digit number (e.g. 01 or 00001)
  • Search for and replace with counter

Special Features: Placeholders
  • Wildcards (*)
  • Any ASCII character (chr)
  • File name without extension (e.g. NewTextfile)
  • File name with extension (e.g. NewTextfile.txt)
  • File extension (e.g. txt)
  • File path (e.g. C:\Folder\NewTextfile.txt)
  • File size
  • File date: modification, creation, last access
  • File modification date: year, month, day, hour, minute, second, weekday, month name
  • Current date, current time
  • File content
  • Clipboard text (from Ctrl + c)
  • Counter with variable start, step, increment and digit number
  • JPG EXIF data, such as camera model name, image height, width, resolution, ...
  • System variables such as the user profile path, home path, program files path, computer name, ...

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Renaming files
  • Change the extension e.g. from "New Textfile.htm" to "New Textfile.php"
  • Rename photo files from "DSC07370.JPG" to their modification date and time and insert a counter such as "2012.04.30 - 16.15 (01).JPG"
  • Add EXIF file information into the file name (e.g. change "Image.jpg" to "Image 2500x1900 pixel Sony Camera.jpg")
  • Replace file names such as "The.Cool.Movie_2012_avi_rip.mpg" to "The Cool Movie 2012.mpg"
  • Use Wildcards to extract text (e.g. "Text1 - A-01 - End Text1.htm", "Text2 - A-02 - End Text2.htm" -> "A-01.htm", "A-02.htm" by defining find: "- ^{*} -" and replace by "^{*}")
  • Generate your own caesar cipher by using chr(x) -> chr(y)
  • Insert file size into file name: replace file name by file name and file size
  • Append clipboard text to file name

Replacing in files
  • Replace Picture.jpg to Picture_New.jpg throughout all files of your webpage
  • Use wildcards. E.g. replace <strong>^{*}</strong> with <u><strong>^{*}</strong></u>
  • Replace old email address with new one
  • Find and replace decimal points with comas: 2.3432 -> 2,3432
  • Find and replace system variables such as the computer name or home drive
  • Append clipboard text to file
  • Append current date and time to file


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Download Ready Replace

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