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Scrabbler, the Scrabble Cheater

 This program can find all possible words that you could use for playing Scrabble. From now on, with this tool, you will win all Scrabble games! You will be surprised what nice words you can build with your letters!

Download Scrabbler, the Scrabble Cheater


When you start the program, it will load the dictionary file first:

After that you are ready to go. In the beginning you can just type in the letter you have and will get a list of words that you could put on the table. To achieve the best results, you can specify some more:
  • Specify the letters you have on your hands
  • Specify the letters you definetely want to be part of your new word. This could or should be a letter, that is already on the board an you want it to be part your word.
  • Specify some special letters, that you definetely don't have and don't want to use such as X, Y, Z so the program excludes all words with these letters
  • Specify the number of extra letters that the program can look for. For example you have the letters H, I and tell the program it can look for one extra letter, it will display words such as HIM, HIS, HIT and so on.
  • Specify the minimum amount of the word value, so that not too many results will come out. If you specify a very low number and the program finds a lot of results, it will automatically increase the word value number, so that you get words with the highest score.

After all the specifications just hit the search button and you will get the results. If by chance you can use up ALL of your letters, it will be displayed in red color, so that you know quickly, that you can get a bonus!

Using this program I was suprised what words I could use with a seemingly bad hand, it was incredible!

Prize: free

Scrabbler up to now supports only german words, but English is coming soon. Scrabbler, the Scrabble Cheater is free, so download and tell your friends about it!
If you like it, a donation is of course greatly appreciated!

Download Scrabbler, the Scrabble Cheater

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