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Digitize Plot To Data

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Digitize Plot To Data Download

++++++ 11.12.2013 News: New release: portable version V2.2.2 +++++++++++

--> Here you can download and test Digitize Plot To Data. If you like the program, please purchase the licence key to unlock the demo version.

Free Demo-Version:


Free Portable Demo-Version for Windows

Digitize Plot To Data V2.2.2 (ca. 0.6 MB)
No installation required. Unzip and start.
No administrator rights required.
Included are sample images for immediate start.
Release date: 11.12.2013.


Free Demo-Version for Windows
Digitize Plot To Data V2.2.2
(ca. 0.4 MB)
Release date: 11.12.2013.


Licence key for full version:

After testing the demo version, you can purchase the licence key here to unlock the program:

Licence Price
incl. VAT

Single computer licence
21,- €
26,90 $
25,- €
32,- $

Ordering is done through the secure ShareIt server.


If the software does not start on your computer, try to download and install the VBRuntime e.g. from the Chip Server.

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